Open Shutter

Milky Way, ISO 3200, 18mm, f/3.5, 62"

Milky Way and Cygnus the Swan (left of center), ISO 3200, 18mm, f/3.5, 62″

Tonight was perfect—70 degrees and clear. The skies here are the darkest I’ve ever seen. Many of my images contained a satellite trail or two, including this one. If it weren’t for the streetlights across the highway, I’d be in heaven.

Les Fleurs

IMG_0004IMG_0003This is a pretty marginal photo, as photos go, but it’s the first one taken with my new Canon DSLR, which I’ll be using for astrophotography.

I could go on and on about the stars being the flowers of the sky, or something, but that would be stupid.

Destination Moon

IMG_2509I used to shoot photos of the moon with my iPhone. I used a mail order bracket and my lousy old Sears refracting telescope. The quality wasn’t the best, but I like how it evokes the old Chesley Bonestell artwork from the 1950s. Years before the Apollo missions, we figured that the lunar maria were smooth, ringed with jagged peaks, based on how they looked through earthbound telescopes.

We found out later that the moon looks completely different when you actually visit. The maria  are strewn with boulders and pocked with smaller craters, while meteorites have worn the mountains into rolling hills. I like Bonestell’s version better.